Meditation 101

As individuals we have a universal longing to create meaning in our lives. To find our purpose,free from suffering. We crave to live a healthy life filled with love. Everything we need to know is already within us, but in this world filled with media, distractions, chaos and adventure how can we ever tap into who we really are? become conscious and find our purpose.

Continue reading this post to understand the basics of mediation, benefits, how to start, tools to use, etc. Please be mindful these techniques are based on my experiences and journey and there is no wrong or right way to meditate.

Ask anyone if they would like to incorporate meditation into their daily life and most of the time they will say yes! We are constantly filled with information, perceptions, and thoughts that we cannot filter, but with meditation you can sit back and peacefully process these thoughts. With meditation you become present and there is a shift in consciousness.

How to start: 

Create a comfortable place, be patient. The reason why we hear to sit on a cushion while we meditate is because if the knees are higher than our hips, the hip flexors will become engaged and you will tire out. Prop yourself on a cushion or blanket or sit on a comfortable chair, spine straight, scan your body and relax. Palms facing up will bring in energy and palms facing down will ground you. Switch it up! decide what you need for each meditation, then close your eyes.  

Set a time and stay put. Relax, set a time for your meditation. This could be anywhere between 5 minutes - 1 hour or longer. You can build up your length of time as you continue, there is no "right" way. Sometimes as a beginner we may find it hard to sit still, this is because we are sitting asking ourselves to peel away our layers of conditioning. During meditation we may face our insecurities, wounds, heartaches, and stresses. We must let our guard down and come face to face with our true self and raw emotions.  You may have the urge to fidget, return to your breath. Inhale positivity and light, exhale toxins and negative thoughts.

"At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you." - Gentile 

Commit. Don't give up, the benefits of meditating do not show up right away for everybody. Keep going, you deserve it. Like a good relationship, education or building a home, meditation takes time and effort.

Use Affirmations. There are several tools to help you with your meditations, using an affirmation provides a topic to tune into. Start by repeating the affirmation aloud and place it in front of you to gaze at if you feel the need to open your eyes. By combining affirmations with your session you can use your meditation to manifest something you are focused on or heal an area of your life. You can also use a photograph or sit for meditation with the same view each time. 

Using Crystals. Wear your crystals or hold them in your hand. You can meditate with crystals on or around you to use them for support, different crystals can help guide you and provide more clarity, aid in manifestation or provide healing properties to your meditation. Another way to meditate with your crystals is to charge them with fresh intentions. Our crystals provide us with so much support, like us they need to be re-set from time to time. Use meditation to set intentions on your crystals, be specific, visualize and put your energy into charging your crystals through meditation. End your session with gratitude.

Guided Meditations. Another tool to start meditating is finding a meditation app or you tube playlist. There are so many amazing guided meditations produced and several different kinds. You can search up meditations to help you fall asleep or wake up in the morning. There are guided meditations that are themed to help with manifesting, healing, attracting love, connecting with  your higher mind, and so on. Guided meditations are great! Access this tool through your phone or online, you can lean on guided meditations daily or mix them up into your meditation routine.

Find Support. I was introduced to the idea of meditation from my first yoga teacher Ava. My bff Candice and I used to walk to her classes when we were teenagers. Ava would end her yoga classes with a quick guided meditation, it was her as a teacher that kept us going back to her classes.

About six years ago I met my friend/boss/mentor Lance Gibson, he guided me towards the idea of meditating on my own time and staying consistent. At the time I was struggling at my past hair styling job, not knowing why I would feel so "low" even after having a successful day at work. He taught me about energy and how it "jumps" from my client onto me, how energy  moves around us. When I am styling a clients hair, touching them and absorbing their conversations, I am taking on their energy.  First he told me simply wash your hands and visualize the clients energy washing away from you and once my hands were cleansed I felt free from the energy I took on. Years later, when I was not well he provided me with guided meditation sources, these playlists made a huge difference because they became apart of my routine. Nightly I would rely on these guided meditations to help me feel better, they provided me with faith and healing. I started to sleep better and looked forward to meditating, at this time is when practicing meditation became apart of my daily life. Still, Lance helps me stay on track and encourages my spiritual journey. Finding a mentor or teacher like Lance who has practiced and experienced the benefits of meditation is a gift, we all need support. It is so important to seek out a teacher, or take meditation classes. There is so much to learn about meditation and different techniques, commit to daily meditation with a friend and hold each other accountable. Seek support.

During my toughest times my dad encouraged me to sign up for meditation classes, this is when I learned that when your body gives up or you experience heartache, traumas, life changes, doubts, etc! It is our mindset that brings us through. We must keep our minds sharp, clear and filled with positivity. We need to make time to keep our mind and spirit healthy. Commit to meditation and your life will improve one hundred percent, this I know for sure. Now I use meditation not only to connect with myself,  but to visualize my goals and dreams, I manifest anything I desire, and I do this through meditation.

In my opinion any religion, race, or age can benefit from meditation. Meditation does not discriminate. Collectively we need to commit to becoming connected consciously. Practice meditating and watch how you feel happier, healthier, tap into your ideas and skills, find your purpose, create more love, manifest more success, live a more peaceful life. Studies show meditating consistently facilitates your brains ability to build new ways of understanding, and develop greater emotional intelligence You owe it to yourself to find this space within you, no stress, just love. 

FACT.  Stress is linked as a primary cause of disease -> Meditation is linked to stress reduction = Meditate you guys! this is a big deal.

I hope you find this post informative, there is so much to learn about meditation, if you would like more posts or have any questions/topics you would like to hear about, please email us



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