The supermoon is a full moon that occurs when the moon is in direct alignment with the sun, and is also at its closest point to the earth. The full moon has been associated with strange behaviour and energy, Some people may dismiss the idea that the moon has any real effects on people. This is known as the "Lunar effect."  Many cultures have rituals and ceremonies during the full moons, because it is such a  powerful time for meditation, re-charging and energy healing. The Supermoon effect amplifies that power and makes the energy during this time even stronger.


Emotions are magnified during the full moon, you may have noticed people say "It must be a full moon," when things start to go crazy. Take this time to acknowledge your  emotions, this is the first step and can be done days leading up to the supermoon. It is so important because often we suppress emotions, thoughts or ideas that we don't want to deal with. The supermoon energy forces these emotions to surface so take the opportunity and let go. This can be done simply by writing in a journal, calling a friend, making time away from social media, go to nature or for a walk and reflect, exhale and let it go. Let go of the old embrace the new beginnings.


Now that you have acknowledged these emotions, it is time to cleanse. Understand that the moons light is cleansing your mind, body and spirit so spend time outside during the supermoon. The energy is so magnified it washes away any negativity leaving you feeling renewed.  Visualize the white moonlight cleansing you and clearing away toxins,self doubt,heartache and stress. Give yourself the space to think about what you want to clear out of your life. Peace out bad vibes.


Take action, cleanse the space around you and your crystals. Our crystals support us so they need cleansing too. Stones carry so much energy that the supermoon is the best time to cleanse and re-charge them. Like us, when crystals have been "working" by providing us with their healing properties they need time to re-set. Once you cleanse your crystals with salt water or sage ( see our FAQ's blog post for more information) re-charge your crystals under the supermoon light. Leaving them safely outside to absorb the new powerful energy from the moon. Also take this time to de-clutter your living space or emails, and create a sacred place in your home using essential oils,smudge your home, take an Epsom salt bath, ect. You are cleansed.


Congratulations! you put in the work , dropped the negative energy and released what is no longer serving you, celebrate! Once the full moon hits congratulate yourself for getting here and stay in a positive state of mind. Allow the supermoon energy to magnify your ideas, thoughts and dreams. MANIFEST, envision your goals and picture your life the way you wish for it to be. Whatever energy you send out, the supermoon will help ignite. Be specific, write down your desires, repeat them out loud, visualize your dreams, most importantly believe. The belief you have behind your manifestations and the closer you can become to understanding the power of the supermoon, the quicker your ideas and dreams will  become reality. I promise. 


Did ya know? January 31st is the next supermoon, it is also a blue moon! A blue moon is the second full moon in the same calendar month. This is the first blue moon in 150 years. 

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